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Sacred Rose Water


Steam-distilled from fresh Egyptian Rosa Damascena blossoms, this rose water is moisturizing, rejuvenating, stimulating, therapeutic, cleansing & detoxifying.

This natural organic rose water is a gently cleansing and toning product for all skin types. It can be used as a facial toner on its own, or even used as an air freshener.

Suitable for use in cosmetics, skin care and food. Fully Certified. Perfect for acne and skin irritation. For nourishing and hydrating the skin and face. 

Moisturizes & rehydrates - For moisturising the body after a shower or bath. For dry and damaged hair.

As a body deodorant. It maintains the pH balance, stimulates regeneration processes, has a calming effect on acne and sunburns. As a result the skin texture becomes even and elastic.


Aqua (Distilled water), rose water extract, glycerin, mono propylene glycol, sodium benzoate, aloe vera extract. 

For all skin types.