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Plump Finish Setting Spray


Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray With Electrolytes

Why We Love It:

Plump your makeup routine with our electrolyte-infused setting spray that extends makeup wear while providing an all-day plumping look. The supercharged formula offers up to 24-hour wear, reduces makeup transfer and smudging, and helps keep your makeup looking fresh all day long. Plus, the refreshing makeup setting spray instantly leaves your skin feeling hydrated (and keeps it looking moisturized) without making your skin feel oily.

Key Ingredients:

Our long-lasting setting spray formula boasts five electrolytes and vitamins—aloe, magnesium, zinc, citric acid, and biotin.


  • Long-wear makeup setting spray reduces makeup transfer and smudging
  • Helps extend makeup wear for up to 24 hours
  • Applies easily without disrupting the appearance of your makeup
  • Helps give your skin a moisturized and healthy look

How To Use

After completing the rest of your look, shake the bottle and hold 10 to 12 inches from your face, then mist lightly over your skin to help prolong makeup wear. Can be used at the end of your makeup routine and throughout the day to help keep your makeup feeling fresh.

Pro Tip: Try spritzing the setting spray for makeup onto an eye make up brush before using it to apply eyeshadow—it’ll help amplify your shadow for vibrant, all-day wear.