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Oily Skin Care Set


This skin care routine will help soothe, matify and balance oily skin, keeping your skin firm hydrated, oil free and tightened. 

Sea Me Cleanse For Oily and Blemished Skin - 100ml

Use me before bedtime and use me when you wake up, I'm a must! I’m made for oily & blemished skin, i’ll try to help in clearing up your acne and rinse away all your skin’s impurities using seaweed, tea tree oil and other powerful ingredient. I'll leave you clean, refreshed and happy. 

Sea Me Tone For Normal to Oily Skin

I’m made from rose water, aloe vera and other ingredients to soothe, mattify & balance your oily skin, I'll keep you fresh, clean and happy. 

Sea Me Tighten Serum

I’m an oil free facial serum, for normal to oily skin mainly made out of frankincense extract; a potent ingredient which helps in toning, reducing redness and inflammation caused by acne while helping in fading out scars, wrinkles & fine lines while preventing the formation of new ones, I will keep your skin firm, hydrated, oil free & tightened!

Sea Me Clarify Serum

If you have blemished skin, then I’m the right one for you! I’m made out of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera and Rosemary Essential Oil which will help in diminishing the size of any pimple without leaving any scars behind while other Ingredients will help in soothing redness while balancing oil production.