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Nourish Hair Therapy


Energizing Hydrating Hair Treatment with peppermintrosemary, and
lavender essential oils.

* The botanical plant oil blend nourishes and conditions hair and
scalp while helping to maintain the proper oil balance to promote
softer, more manageable hair.
* The essential oil blend has many benefits for the hair and
*Peppermint oil gently stimulates the scalp and helps hair
receive proper nourishment to grow.
* Lavender oil is soothing and calming for hair and helps to
balance oil production to replenish hair and scalp.
* Rosemary oil works well to remedy dry hair and itchy scalp.

 How To Use

* For weekly intense hydrating treatment 

Massage into scalp and hair from root to ends. Wrap hair in a thin towel or shower cap. Wrap a heated towel over the top, and let the heat of the towel penetrate to your hair and scalp for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with shampoo and conditioner.

* For gentle daily conditioning treatment

Add 1-2 drops to brush, and style as usual.

For best results, use once per week.