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Light Dry Shampoo


Say goodbye to the greasy, oily hair look in an instant.

All the natural, aromatic pure ingredients that will revive and freshen your look, boosting hair volume and texture without the need for water.

It is perfect for those busy days, cold days, between washes, in the morning before work and of course after the workout. Will leave your hair super clean, fresh, boosted and smelling amazing.


Bentonite clay & Rhaussol clay create a unique natural blend that absorbs greases, excess oils, charges and boosts hair volume.

Absorbs excess oils.

Deodorizes & refreshes.

Can also be used on freshly washed hair as a styling aid.

How To Use

Separate your hair into sections. Sprinkle directly onto scalp then massage for a full minute. Fluff off excess powder and style your hair as usual. 


Natural clay blends, lavender oil. 

Made with a-non-talc, nontoxic, 100% natural ingredients.