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Ice Globes


Utilizing the powers of cryotherapy – which uses cold temperatures to reduce blood flow and inflammation before eventually encouraging greater circulation (and thus, a radiant, flushed complexion) – these globes use nature’s secret weapon: ice. 

Improving blood circulation to brighten and tighten your complexion (applying cold to your skin causes your blood vessels to constrict), using a cryo globe can even diminish dark circles, soothe persistent acne, tend to sunburn, heal scars, bestow glow and reduce puffiness – oh, and nothing preps the complexion for make up quite like an ice globe fresh from the freezer! 

How To Use

Keep your ice globes in the freezer for at least 20mins before use. Roll chilled globes over face and neck for a cooling, refreshing massage for up to 10-15 minutes. Use daily for optimal results. 

Washing Instructions

Running water or damp cloth.