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Frizz Off! Hair Towel


The perfect towel turban made from the softest microfiber blend.

The Frizz-Off! Towel is a super-absorbent towel that is designed to dry hair 2x faster than regular cotton towels without any of the friction-induced damage. It promotes moisture retention and ensures protection from flyaways, frizz and breakage, leaving you with frizz-free and defined hair.

How It Works

  • Its absorbent microfiber fabric is composed of 20% polyamide and 80% polyester. It decreases your drying time significantly, without over drying your hair.
  • The soft fabric does not cause friction against the hair cuticle, giving you frizz-free results and no breakage or split ends.
  • Perfect for scrunching your hair for guaranteed hair definition.
  • Includes a button to secure the towel over the head as a turban.

How To Use

  1. After styling your hair, gently scrunch using our Frizz Off! Towel till it’s not dripping.
  2. Flip your hair to the front, placing the turban over your head and tucking all of your hair inside the turban.
  3. Twist the tail and bring the twist to the back of your head securing it with the button.