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The Curlfuser Universal Collapsible Diffuser


Hair styling tool for curly hair. 

A styling tool you attach to the hair dryer that helps transform wet hair to nice-smelling dry hair with shiny, well-defined, frizz-free curls using cold air. Allows you to have nice smelling hair via adding your preferred essential oil to a built-in cap.

How To Use

  1. Our diffuser comes with an already attached essential oil cap, however, you can order an extra one in case you needed it.
  2. After washing your hair and applying your styling products
  3. Attach the diffuser to the hairdryer, and put your preferred essential oil in its cap.
  4. Flip your hair and dry from the ends using cold air, this gets volume while keeping the curl pattern. The cold air helps to keep your hair frizz-free.
  5. Recommended to be used on the cold air setting for gentle drying.


  • Minimize your styling time as the diffuser head that touches the hair is 13.5 cm wide.
  • Easy to pack as it collapses to fit in your drawer or bag.


Fits most hair dryers; as it’s made of a stretchy silicone material with a universal nozzle size of 5.2 cm.